iRest - Guided MediTation Yoga

Recently we provided iRest yoga to honor Veterans. This particular style of yoga is being used by our armed forces to increase resiliency as well as help soldiers recover from the traumas war has brought to them.

operation fit hero

The corner stone of our mission is that together we strengthen each other by being healthy and active both physically and socially.

This is a FREE program provided by our generous sponsors

Here is a list of benefits available to organizations, individuals, couples or families of uniformed service member's:

  • customized workout equipment or devices
  • professional training and nutrition program
  • motivational activities and messaging
  • access to monthly events that create a stronger more engaged community
  • Quarterly competitions to build a team environment and recognize growth

Connecting with Nature and fellow Warriors

The ways to STRENGTHEN and heal ... are endless.


Animal Therapy

We can connect you to the best resources in your area.



We have several art therapy programs available, contact us to learn more. 



Every one knows that music soothes the restless soul!